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ANGIE – Book Two – Jersey Shore Series

Angie smiled proudly as tears trickled down her cheeks. A tough, self-reliant businesswoman, she never allowed herself to be emotional. Celia’s wedding caught her by surprise. She knew that her oldest, and likely all of her daughters, would marry, but this happened so quickly.
She allowed herself a moment of wistfulness. Celia just married her soul mate. Is there someone for me, someday?
The ceremony over, Angie followed Celia, and her new husband, Max, as they greeted people on their way to the back of the hall. Then, she glimpsed a gray-haired man resembling someone she never expected to see. When he turned, she saw the puckered scar on his left cheek.
Her breath caught as icy fear clutched her. Exhaling, her heart pumped at double time. Acid edged its way up her throat.
No! He was supposed to be in jail—for life. …

Angie’s Secret, Book 2 of the Jersey Shore Series, coming in April 2016.